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As a community mortgage lender, we’ve built our reputation on responsible lending practices in the Quad Cities and Stateline regions. Our experienced team of mortgage lenders offer a hands-on approach to personally guide you through all the options for mortgage products and programs. SENB team members are trained and prepared to provide you a “Smart. Easy. Notably Better.” banking experience and you have our promise we will do everything we can to meet your unique financial challenges and optimize opportunities. Together, we’ll decide which home loan option is best for you.

Benefits of a Mortgage Loan from SENB Bank

  • Competitive rates
  • Local decision making
  • Quick, easy application process
  • Work with Someone from YOUR Community

Apply for a Mortgage Loan now. It is quick and easy!

Types of Mortgage Loans We Offer

Fixed and variable rate loans: Choose between a fixed-rate mortgage with a predictable monthly payment or take advantage of the low introductory rates on adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM loans).

First-time home buyers: We work with first-time buyers to help you review all your options for home loans and down payment assistance. 

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Mortgage: Need to give your home a major renovation? We can help!

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